Canada Vs. Tellico

I finally graduated from college!  As a result, I will soon be moving and I will no longer be a mere 2.5 hours from Tellico, NC.  So I HAD to make one last trip for good measure!  Last time I was there I stripped out a D300 t-case.  I can't leave with Tellico thinking that it beat me!  The following are pics from my trip to Tellico.  I could only go for Sunday, so we didn't have time to hit everything.  Early in the day we met a nice Canadian couple named Dominic and Marie who had a nicely equipped TJ and weren't afraid to try anything!  Man did we have fun!  Tellico was virtually empty with no lines or broken vehicles on any of the obstacles.  (Except ours.)  We had our free reign of everything, and we took advantage!  Unfortunately for Dominic however, in the battle of Canada vs. Tellico, I would say Tellico was DEFINITELY the victor.  His list of broken parts goes something like this:  broken rear track bar bracket, front shaft, bent rear suspension links, rear driveshaft, punctured muffler, broken tranny mount, messed up t-case shift linkage, 1 blown bead, stripped lug nuts on one wheel, and one possibly messed up wheel.  HOWEVER, I will give Dominic this ... he is THE most prepared wheeler I have ever had the honor of wheeling with.  (Not to mention one of the nicest.)  His on-board welder, air, electric converter, front and rear winches, endless supply of power tools and hand tools, and great stock of spare parts enabled him to actually get out of the trails and back to camp under his own power despite all of the carnage!  (10:00pm)  Marie and Dominic are some of the greatest 4x4 enthusiasts I've ever met.  They are a wonderful husband/wife team who represent the true spirit of our hobby.  I look forward to wheeling with them again some day.  And now on to the pictures!