Tyler II & Havoc Offroad Go To ...







Recently Tyler finished his new Toyota-based buggy and wanted to take it out on its first trip.  We both feel that the future of rock crawling depends on the continued success of awesome private ORV parks such as Greyrock and River Rock and had recently heard a lot about a new park near us in Alabama called Morris Mountain ORV Park.  We figured that it was only fitting to give a new buggy its first shake down at a new park.  The park did not let us down in the least bit.  It is full of steep, off-camber hill climbs filled with natural rock formations.  I highly recommend Morris Mountain to anyone looking to have an extreme time with a bunch of good southern hospitality from the locals.

You know that the park you are riding at is cool when you roll your buggy on the first obstacle it ever attempts.  Way to break your ride in early, Ty!


It was cold and rainy all day Saturday.  Thus, we found it necessary to don the emergency rain gear.  Tyler's girlfriend, Meghan, was easy to spot with her bright-yellow slicks on.  We were not at all worried about her being shot by deer hunters.


It was so rainy and cold Sat. that we found it necessary to retreat from the tents and camp site in favor of a room at the local Hojo.  This disturbing framed picture of the Tin Man was mounted above the heads of both beds.  I dreamt that I was being watched by an evil axe-bearing silver man all night, but it was still better than dealing with the muck that was camp that night.


The sloppy results of Saturday's rain inside the quality Wal-Mart tent that Tyler purchased.  (My Gander Mountain brand tent stayed perfectly dry, I might add.)


Sunday proved to have much better weather.  Tyler II amazed everyone when it drove right up just about everything so easily with no breakage.  Randy Morris tagged along and made sure we found our way to as many obstacles as possible and generally made our stay at the park as pleasant as possible.  Thanks to Randy and the rest of the Morris clan for making it a great weekend.  I can't wait to get my upcoming project, Thantos, to Morris Mountain!