I have gone to a much simpler, less graphic-intensive format due to complete lack of time to mess with the site.  Maybe this way I will actually update the site often.  If you want to know where the name Patooyee came from, click here.  Otherwise, have fun!

LAST UPDATED:  June 26, 2009


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4x4 Excel Spreadsheets Morris Mountain June 2009 Morris Mountain June 2009
Building Thanatos

Marc's River Rock Birthday Ride

(Photos taken by Christian)

River Rock Crawl Magazine Ride
Building Patooyee II River Rock Crawl Magazine Ride Havoc Offroad Harlan, KY Trip 2007
Home-Brew TH350 - FORD NP205 Adapter Emerald Coast Jeepers Morris Mountain 4/08 Morris Mountain Jan. 2008
Home-Brew TH350 - Dana 300 / Atlas II Adapter Thanatos Gets Rocks River Rock May 2007
Home-Brew JD2 Model 3 Hydraulic Conversion Local Creek Ride Shamrock Run 2007
NP203 - Atlas II Doubler Shifter Linkage Havoc Offroad Grayrock ORV 2006  
Dana Bill of Material List Havoc Offroad Harlan, KY Trip 2007  
Propane Conversion 101 Havoc Offroad Morris Mountain Feb. 2007  
  Havoc Offroad Labor Day 2006 Trip  
  Havoc Offroad Tellico 7/06  
  Jimmy's Morris Mountain Shakedown Run  
  Thanatos' Morris Mountain Shakedown Run  
  Havoc's First Trip to Morris Mountain  
  Bobby, Jimmy, and I at River Rock for a Day  
  Opening Weekend at River Rock 6/24/05 - 6/25/05  
  Patooyee's Last Stand  
  ERoCC 2003 Season Pics  
  ARCA Car Crush Pics  
  RCAA in Alabama  
  Canada vs. Tellico  
  Bobby;s New and Improved Jeep  
  Testing Patooyee  
  ERoCC 2002 Season Pics  
  Building Patooyee  

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