Patooyee's Last Stand!


Sad but true ... my Jeep, which I so lovingly refer to as Patooyee, is being torn apart!  It is not because it hasn't done what I wanted it to.  Quite the contrary!  In fact, Patooyee has outperformed my wildest dreams!  During the building phase I knew I was building a capable rig, but I had no idea how capable it would come to be.  After a full season of hard-core wheeling, there was nary a trail or rock garden that I set it on that it didn't walk over with ease.  Even the most extreme obstacles seemed to be a simple cake walk for it.  I am very proud of it and I LOVE 44" TIRES!  However, being 118" long, quite high, and 92" wide, it was just not very agile for competition.  My nature is to be very competitive and that is what I originally intended to do with Patooyee.  Therefore, parts from my Jeep will be taken and donated to Patooyee II, my new full-on competition buggy that I intend to start building.  (Payy attention to the site, as pics of that will soon come.)  But who can tear their only love in life apart without at least one last bash, right?  So the bash was planned for Gardendale and I was fortunate enough to have many friends to go along.

Bobby Cox, a good friend of mine who has worked on his Jeep for a long time and not wheeled it in years finally decided to take his Jeep out for the first time to test it.  Another friend named Maxx did the same.  So the trip was to be Patooyee's Last Stand, and Maxx and Bobby's first.  And since Bobby will likely never be seen on the trails again, I had to get some pics to prove that he actually wheeled.  So without further ado, here is Patooyee's Last Stand!