About Θάνατος:




Q:  Patooyee ... what the hell is it? 

A:  Patooyee is many things.  Patooyee is the sound that you make when you spit.  Patooyee is also my screen name on all of the 4x4 BBS on the internet that I am a member of.  (Pirate4x4 being my most frequented one.)  Patooyee is the name of this web site.  Furthermore, Patooyee was the name of my Jeep.

Q:  So what's the the big deal with spit?

A:  To answer this question, a small story is required:  When I was younger, my parents gave me my first lap top computer, all mine, don't have to share with anyone.  One of the first things I used to access the internet was America Online.  As many of you have probably experienced, it is difficult to get a unique name on AOL that doesn't need to have numbers put at the end.  The same was true even back then.  I have a terrible memory and I did not want to have to remember a bunch of numbers at the end of my name.  I kept entering names, but they all popped back up with numbers.  It was at that point that my grandmother walked into my room and asked what I was doing.  I told her my dilemma and she replied, "Doesn't it make you so mad that you could spit!"  Well, Spit was taken, but the sound that one makes when one spits was not, and no numbers were tacked onto the rear end, so I jumped on it.

Eventually, I started signing on to various 4x4 boards.  I used patooyee as the logical screen name for those, too.  And while I eventually weaned my way out of needing AOL's user-friendly interface for the internet, I liked being able to stay in touch with my friends via IM's, so I used patooyee for my free AOL Instant Messenger account, also.  Eventually, patooyee became the standard for everything I needed a name for that had to do with 4x4's and the internet.

Then came the Big Yellow Buildup.  After building it once with 35" tires, I determined that it just wasn't large enough or flexy enough.  Thus, I tore it apart again to do some radical modifications.  These mods generated some internet interest from people wanting to follow along with the buildup.  ERoCC was just getting started at about the same time and I was attending every event as a digital photographer.  The buildup pics and comp pics went on the net to keep everyone informed and somewhere in there I happened upon the Dana catalogs, which I found very useful in my axle searches, so I put those up, too.

At some point, the site started generating A LOT of traffic.  The server crashed nightly.  Then it was upgraded.  It continued to crash often.  The site had definitely outgrown its capacity and it was taken down for a while.

Fast forward a year ... the buildup is done and it needs a name.  What seems more logical than the one I already seem to have established an identity with?  So, the Jeep gets named patooyee.

That brings us to present day.  What was once a stock Jeep CJ5 has been reconfigured a few times and renamed.  First there was Patooyee, then Patooyee II, and now the more sinister Θάνατος (Thanatos).  The old beater has evolved quite a bit!  Come back and visit often to read about all my [mis]adventures and to keep up on any breaking fabrication news!